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  • The Standard Store - A British Standards Institution Official Affiliate

    As an official affiliate for British Standards Institution (BSI), we are here to help you find, purchase and receive British Standard(s) that you need. Our site offers exactly this in an easy to use format.

    Please search for your required standard using the search box above or navigate through our British Standard categories.

    Once you have found the necessary standard(s), you will be taken to the official BSI Shop to complete your order. From here you can download your standard in a PDF format for instant use or you can order a hard copy to be sent to your address.

    What are British Standards?

    British Standards are produced by the BSI Group. Standards are essentially an agreed way of doing a particular thing, whether that be ensuring accessibility in your workplace all the way to supplying services or materials to a customer.

    It is voluntary as to whether you choose to make use of Standards, so as opposed to being made to operate in a particular way which could make life harder, the Standards are there as a way for you to do work better.

    Standards come from people with knowledge in a particular area, such as manufacturers, trade associations, users, regulators and more. They are a useful knowledge point that can ultimately help increase productivity and aid innovation.

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    Astm D2260 - 03(2013)

    Astm C108 - 46(2013)

    Astm D1165 - 13

    Astm D6860/d6860m - 13

    Astm E72 - 14a

    Astm F118 - 13

    Astm D1909 - 13

    Astm E2445/e2445m - 14

    Astm A501/a501m - 14